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September 2014: After more than six years of research and writing with my good friend David O’Hara, I am excited that our new book is finally in print. Downstream: Reflections on Brook Trout, Fly Fishing, and the Waters of Appalachia (Cascade Books). This is our third book together (and hopefully not the last.)

Partly in honor of our new book we have launched, a new website devoted entirely to fly fishing, trout, and ecology:   Check it out. I will still maintain my fly-fishing tab on this site to share photos and occasional recommendations for guides and gear.  But any writing about fishing will migrate to that site.

FORTHCOMING? Some time in the fall of 2014, the first volume of my new fantasy trilogy should be available. It will be titled The Gifted (Volume 1 of the Daegmon War in the Chronicles of Gondisle.) Kirk DouPonce of DogEared Design has finished the cover. Kirk has also designed covers for Stephen Lawhead, one of my favorite authors. You can see his cover art (without the title) for my book here:

And in the Spring of 2015 I will have two more books on trout, fly fishing, and ecology with Wings Press. These are tentatively slated to be the first two in a series of four short books of narrative essays, featuring prints from artists from the region. One is tentatively titled Trout in the Desert and will feature prints from Barbara Whitehead. Another will be titled A Tale of Three Rivers and will feature the art of Courtney Allenson.

--And now... back to my old welcome note --

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About Downstream

“The prose is calm, composed, and strong: appropriate there’s a strong and deep current that runs through the book, a current of care. It swept me along, start to finish.” 

    —Bill McKibben (from the Afterword)

''Downstream is an immersion (almost literally) in the streams and rivers of Appalachia in the company of two university professors, friends who through the years have developed both competence and knowledge in fly fishing. From its early pages I was riveted. Their language is exuberant but also disciplined. It didn't take me long to know that it would soon take its place on my bookshelf alongside John Muir and Henry David Thoreau. They are that good.''

     --Eugene H. Peterson

''This book traces and enacts the intricacies of confluence within the Appalachian chain's fissured topography. Just as the rich terminology related to aquatic invertebrates, the life cycle of trout, and fly-tying gathers into a larger ecological, geological, and social vision, so too the distinctive voices of these two fine writers join in a moving dialogue on friendship and family, literature and the land.''

     --John Elder